Generation at risk

According to Allah’s creations, woman is half the humanity. Both men and women are completely equal in terms of honour and status. Both genders, in society and law, are equally equal in every respect. Some areas of human activity are for males and some are related to females. There can be no better system for the development of human society. Women have accomplished great things in every age. Most of the world’s remarkable events often have women behind them in the form of a mother or a wife. “The real force behind all of my success is my mother” Thus, woman plays a very important point in the construction of the society. Both men and women play a major role in building humanity.

Today, the boat of humanity is trapped in the whirlwind of materialism, which has led to the loss of spiritual development. The Value System of the society has shattered into pieces. People of the society are led only by their desires. The war of material interests among the people is going on in the worst form. Achieving personal happiness has become the sole purpose of people’s lives. This situation demands that such women emerge in the world today, who redefine history through their sacrifices.

What is the cause of the current catastrophic situation? The destruction of the institution of home. The institution of the home has long been the center of value-based education for human beings. According to the natural system, all the children were firstly trained in motherhood before going to the outside world. Thus, all parents became the source of value education in the society and the catastrophic situation of value crisis never occurred. Today, when the work is being done on a large scale for women empowerment, it has resulted in the vacancy of the house. Then again, where other problems arise, there has also been a loss of children’s moral education. The solution to this moral crisis was that we incorporate Value Education into the school as a subject. Today, as a result, the children passed the test but did not get the construction of the character, which was being done at home under the supervision of their mothers. This is not a simple task. It is a turning point in history, and the turning point of history can only be done through sacrifice and the sustained effort.

The urgency of this situation is that women should be entrusted with the task of nurturing the human generation. It is through this that humanity can be built. Woman has been the educator and mentor for the humanity. In the past, women used to this at home. Now that a woman is on the field, she can play her role in a changing way. In this regard, there is a need to develop a “Model” so that the foundation for real change in the future can be laid. For this purpose, where there is a need to prepare a school for the education of children and young people, it also requires the preparation of teachers who have the skills of patience for Character Building.

Al-Noor Welfare Foundation is working to provide present and future generations with proper attention towards their education and character which will be essential to construct a good and prosperous society.

Our Strengths

Volunteerism is a core practice in Al-Noor’s philosophy and practices. Al-Noor believes that an ideal social enterprise is a blend of committed volunteerism and necessary compensation for services. Following these beliefs and the mission of Al-Noor, the management of AWF is committed to truly serve the humanity with integrity. The team comprises of dedicated volunteers and selfless members who do not gain any personal benefits and work tirelessly for this sacred mission.

The value system of the society is shattered to pieces due to which Al-Noor was founded in 1996 with the need to develop an institute and a curriculum that incorporates education with values, character building and manners. Al-Noor Welfare Foundation provides present and future generations with proper attention towards their education and character which will be essential to construct a good and prosperous society.

In Al-Noor quality education is about focusing on the person as whole— the spiritual, social, emotional, mental, physical, and intellectual development of each student regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or geographic location. Al-Noor prepares people for life in this world and the hereafter, not just for testing. And to continue this practice Al-Noor strives to bring excellence and quality not just in curriculum but also in teaching methodologies.

Al-Noor understands that specialized principal’s and teacher’s training is a prerequisite for imparting quality education in all its units. While teachers have a direct impact on students in classrooms, principals affect all students in the institute. Following these beliefs, the management of AWF aligns an extensive teacher training programs every year. For this, modules are designed based on their training needs assessment ranging from Classroom Management to Motivating Learners to usage of Visual Aids.